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The aim of the project is to pay the honour to the youngest Heavenly Hundred Hero via forming the important instituation for the local community development and the development of artistic view of the Ukrainian youth that will be a unique lifelong project in Ukraine.

The project is a component of a bid idea of Heroes awards that is to pay the honour and make a possibility to continue cooping with the started deals of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and realize their dreams that they had before the key days of the Revolution of Dignity. Thanks to the project “Nazar Voitovich Art Residence” that will be organized in the home village of the youngest Hero of the Heavenly Hundred, we will have a chance to award the community which has brought the bravest and kindest heart of the talented artists, whose life was stopped when he was 17 years old.


The Art Residence is the free cultural space where the educational and cultural projects will be realizing during the whole year. Annually according to the results of the international art competition, the young artists get a chance to realize their projects in cooperation with coordinators and to present their works in both Ukrainian and foreign countries institutions.


  1. Nazar Voitovych Art Residence is the art educational center with studios, lounge rooms and exhibition that is situated in the Travneve Village, Zbarazh district, Ternopil region.
  2. The Art Residence is the continuation of the Project “Vidznaky Heroyiv” and acts due to the Statue and according to the Agreement between NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists” and NGO “Family of the Hevenly Hundred Heroes”. Art Residence is non-government non profit project.
  3. Art Residence act for the interest of young talented artists (covered the dwelling and creation of art works by grant) and in favour of the local community (communication with foreign artists, educational programs and setting for forming the active center.
  4. The work priorities of the Art Residence are
    • the local community development;
    • implementation of the innovative, ecological, economic techonologies via culture into life
    • education via practice and communication;
    • the development of the idea and person mobility;
    • support of the professional career of the young talented Ukrainian artists and form relationship with global art market.
  5. Main objectives of the Art Residence:
    • to provide the art studios as a working place for the young artists;
    • to bring the coordinator and mentor’s support to the projects that are created in Art Residence;
    • to implement the realization of international exchange programs for young artists;
    • to make an artistic product;
    • to lead educational programs;
    • to make a comfortable conditions to form a strong local community;
    • to educate the community in ecological, economical and political issues;
    • to provide cultural development as a variant for spending leisure time.
  6. The aim of the Art residence is to make a precedent of the successful community development project in Ukraine, of the art exchange program and to develop the model of the similar project implementation into the state cultural policy in order to pay honour to the youngest the Heavenly Hundred Hero – Nazar Voitovych.

Our team

Liudmyla Nychai — curator of art and cultural projects, artist, art critic, art manager, teacher. Co-founder, Project Coordinator of NGO Congress of Cultural Activists, author and coordinator of the ART Mobility of Ukraine project, facilitator of the program Active Citizens of the British Council in Ukraine.
Project Manager of "Nazar Voitovych Art Residence"

Yuriy Voitovich — a member of the NGO "Family of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes", coordinator of the artist’s studios.

Oleksandra Stopnyk — Deputy Head of NGO “Youth center Development “BRIDGE”, art-manager, the author of the single-titled festival of modern art “ArTerVizia”, Ternopil, project communication manager.

Olena Pravylo — Chairwoman of NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists”, an expert of Culture EU-Eastern Partnership Programme, Head of PU “Active Citizens Association”, mentor of the project



You can support us donating money to:

Non-Government Organization “Congress of Cultural Activists”

04071, Kyiv, Lukianivska Str., b.27, apt. 138

USREOU code: 39572679

Settlement account UA503218420000026005053019209


Kyiv, MFO 321842

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The project is created by the NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists”
Project Manager – Liudmyla Nychai
+38 095 3739231