Summer residence program 2018

Summer residence program 2018

Summer residence program is organized by the NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists” in cooperation with NGO “Youth Center Development “BRIDGE” and NGO “ the Heavenly Hundred Heroes Family”. The program was taking place in the home Ternopil village of the Heavenly Hundred Hero Nazar Voitovych during 2 weeks. Six artists that were chosen in accordance with competition results, created their projects in new studios of Nazar Voitovich Art residence, deeping into the context and communicating with the locals. The special place for inspiration was a village that is unique because of its calmness and beautiful landscapes full of life.

This year the artists had a possibility to live in the Residence and create in the new studios using new arrangement and conditions that were formed thanks to the support of NGO “Garage Gang (Spilnokosht), brewery “Opillia”, Charity Fund of “MRIYA Agro Holding”, company “AgataStal”, NGO “Heavenly Hundred Heros Family”, Ternopil State regional Administration, patrons and Circle of Friends that join the crawdfounding campaign in August-September last year. The program is supported by Ternopil State Regional Administration, NGO “Heavenly Hundred Heros Family” and International Renaissance Foundation, Travneve State Secondary School, Zbarazh State Destrict Administration, Zbarazh State Council, National Sanctury "Castles of Ternopil", Agricultural LLC “Podillia”.

Within the program the artists reinterpreted the mechanisms of communication in society, examining the informative visual and verbal stream of information, destroyed their own stereotypes and formed a connection in their search of expectations.

Final exhibition is presented with Alena Kuznietsova’s experimental abstract painting, mosaic of Anastasia Kostenko, ceramic compositions of Larysa Fedorenko, installation of Karina Vasylenko and video art from Feelm Production (Yulia and Pavlo Shpyliovi). There are also projects from our special guests: Oleksandra Pavlovska’s program about the examination of Travneve history “PAWNS”, Serhii Kovaliov’s paintings, Stas Tolkachov and Valeria Tarasenko’s results of an experiment.

Curator – Liudmyla Nychai
Manager of the educational program – Oleksandra Stopnyk
Manager of the studios – Yurii Voitovych.

  • 15 June till 6 July – the exhibition in the gallery “Zbarazh Castle”, National reserve “Castles of ternopil”, Zbarazh.
  • 28 August – 1 September – exhibition in the gallery “Zeglyna Art”, Kyiv
  • 6-11 November 2018 – exhibition in the gallery “Lite-Haus”, Berlin, Germany.