Julia and Pavlo Shpylovi

Julia and Pavlo Shpylovi


Julia and Pavlo Shpylovyi
(Creative couple FEELM production) 

Julia and Pavlo Shpylovi are the filmmakers and animators from Kyiv, Ukraine. They both are graduated with the Diploma in Art. For more than 8 years, they have been working in cinema, advertising agencies and on national TV.
In 2015, Julia and Pavlo founded their own video and animation production studio - FEELM production.
In addition to commercial projects, they are engaged in video art, short films and animation.
The main topics of their art are the protection of the environment, freedom of movement, patriotic education and the development of art


1 Сonception of the project COGNITIVE ILLUSION by Julia and Pavlo Shpylovi

Every journey is a process when our consciousness becomes a sponge that absorbs everything around,
eventually, sweep from this and previous experience a conglomerate of new discoveries and ideas that
person begins to perceive as a new true picture of the world around. In this way, it forms a cognitive
illusion that can lead to distortion of perception, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is
called "irrationality."
Our vision of reality is not an axiom, each of us already has an own texture to make the projection of new
bits of knowledge on. Billions of people billions of textures.

2. Conception from SERGII (By Julia and Pavlo Shpylovyi 

Trees are the powerful giants that have been existed millions of years before the history of humankind.
Most of the things that destroy our physical shells of humankind are just inconspicuous wounds that theyeasily absorb with their own flesh.
Trees are crying just like people, washing away all the pain and suffering to lift their heads to the sun.
Each of us has the power of trees inside - the power of spiritual rebirth to find our own way, to change ourlives, which is our true teacher and mentor.