Alena Kuznetsova

Alena Kuznetsova


Professional Kyiv artist.

Born in 1986.

Received a complete higher education in the specialty “Fine Arts” (KNUBA, 2008). A member of academic and new media art schools, workshops, residencies. Teaches academic painting and color studies since 2010. Since 2007 he has been working in the genre of non-objective painting. Since 2009 conducts exhibition activity. Takes part in many leading group projects as well as eight solo exhibitions in Kiev galleries and museums. She refers to the themes of color, media asceticism, the presence-absence of the image, language and fluidity in her artistic practice. Works with the media of painting, graphics, installation, photo and video.


Multilayer painting without narrative, only a composition, a range of materials from enamel to oil pastels, plastic arts expressive means, freedom from unnecessary information flows, as well as life in the village of Travneve.

Ten works is a kind of diary observing oneself and others in dialogue, stratification of different sentiments, worldviews, situations and actions in a new environment, expressed in compositions from planes, lines and colors. Every day is a new breath, a new surprise, a new study in dialogue with many on a plane that has its aesthetics and aspires to the balance and maximum sounding.

The overture is the introduction, the beginning, a very quick and easy, of further collaborative project of the artist "Mechanical Ballet" (after the Fernand Leger movie with George Antail's Orchestra for mechanical instruments, 1924)